29.01.07 | Jason Brooks and his girls

Is it possible to depict human image in a more beautiful and ideal way than we see on fashion photos of glossy magazines? It proves to be so. The artist Jason Brooks has created the perfect world of absolute beauty and luxurious enervation. If the diamond is considered to be the standard of perfect beauty, then it’ll be possible to say that people, interior and life-style in Jason Brooks’ pictures are akin to diamonds. You’ll see brilliant, irreproachably perfect and crystal-refined lines, proportions and mood. The women have got slanting (perhaps they are also called almond-shaped) eyes and long thin arms. Having turned their necks, they are preciously holding wineglasses on thin stems.


Jason Brooks’ pictures are incredibly popular and are especially willingly used at avatars. As there’s nothing more pleasant than to hide beyond glamour image and even if just a bit feel one of the celestials.

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01.12.06 | Broken Sword – hello again!

"My name’s Stobbart- George Stobbart. That’s two b's and two t's" (George)

Among the bazillion of quest or adventure games I’ve already played, my favorites are the first two parts:Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars и Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror. These games are so good that once or twice a year I try to play them once again. The graphics is perfect (even taking into account that now it’s 2006), the scoring is supreme, mysterious music appears and disappears now and then, sound effects are thoroughly selected (do you remember the sound of water with all sorts of rubbish quietly splashing in Marseille dock – those who live by the river and pop at the wharf or boat-station will understand me), the plot is great – all this swallows you up, making you catch the blast from the very fact of presence in this game. And George Stobbart, always cheerful blockhead lawyer, the favorite of the aged ladies, evokes my great sympathy. That also makes a deal.

"I'd love to, but right now I'm trying to save the world" (George)


I’ve never been to Paris, but I’d love to go there in warm autumn, when the foliage is starting to become red-and-yellow, find unknown Rue Jarry street and Montfaucon square, where Templars were executed (my friends, who visit Paris rather often, fail to find it), and sit there in a small cozy café.

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13.11.06 | Jane Eyre. BBC miniseries

Author .::. Ninka

Majority of people read "Jane Eyre" novel when aged approximately at 12, that’s why I won’t write anything about it. I’ll only say, that now I’m 28, I read the novel a month ago and I liked it so much, that I had to watch the movie, about which I’m writing at the moment. If something also prevented you from reading the book, try to do it now.

Jane_Eyre1.jpgThough, I can’t help adding one comment. It concerns Mr. Rochester (the main character): he possesses one feature, distinguishing him from any other classical character of this genre. A typical love-novel main hero is usually a cynical taciturn green (or any other color)-eyed brunet. The hero’s cynicism and eyes may really seem to be attractive, but what concerns taciturnity… I suppose it’s the result of vise-versa impossibility. When the hero starts his discourse, we hear only rubbish, and all his charm turns to dust.
That’s why he’s usually obliged to commit a pair of deeds, according to which we can judge of his nobility and strong moral principles; meanwhile comments to the action should be revealed in a cramped and smooth form in order not to spoil the impression. It’ll be even better to withhold comments up to the final scene of offering the lady his hand and heart and die, or at least wait for the answer silently. In short, I’m writing it all to say that Mr. Rochester is not a man of this kind. In "Rochester-Jane Eyre" alliance it is he who is constantly speaking, managing to leave a very positive impression about himself at the same time; while the majority of his deeds seem to be rather doubtful. I mean that the power of his words charm Jane and also the reader. All this seems to be a very serious author’s achievement for me (an amateur literary critic, but a great lover of romantic stories).

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16.10.06 | Jane Eyre. Introduction. Charlotte Brontë.

Author .::. Ninka

Electricity and hot water have been cut off in our house from the very morning today, thus preventing me from doing all usual routine work. That’s why I took a blank notebook and started fulfilling the promise I gave to Mazoo, - writing about Jane Eyre miniseries.

Шарлотта БронтеI’ll speak in a roundabout way, beginning with the author. It’s well-known that “Jane Eyre” novel was written by one of three Brontë sisters, to be correct - the eldest one. But not everyone knows that the number of sisters was more. There were five of them not including one brother. Brontë father was a rural pastor during all his life. Their mother, Maria Branwell Brontë, passed away after giving birth to the sixth child. Charlotte was five years than. The children were brought up by their aunt, the father’s sister. No one knows anything about this woman, but it’s a common knowledge that in four years after their mother’s death eight-year old Charlotte together with two elder sisters Maria and Elizabeth and the youngest Emily were sent to the Clergy Daughters’ School. As far as I understand it was a charitable institution.

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11.10.06 | Black bread and eggs

Author .::. 4zy

I was very fond of cooking black bread and eggs before, and not long ago I found another very original recipe.

So, we’ll need two whole black bread slices and two eggs. Our task is to cut out a right-angled bread-crumb from the slice, indenting a pair of centimeters from the crust. Then we should fry the crust frame on one side, turn it over and break the eggs into it.

Add salt and pepper (and some seasoning if you wish). Cover the frying pan with a lid for 3-4 minutes. I fried the bread-crumb on the same frying pan and put two cheese slices on it – thus I got not only black bread and eggs, but two cheese toasts.

Bon appetit!  

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21.08.06 | Beauty and Photoshop

glennferon.gifEveryone of us, especially women, often upset while looking at slim and smooth magazine beauties. At the same time we all know that hard labor of photographer, expert beautician, and designer and so on stays at the background of each photo in bikini. We fail to know which material our ideals are shaped of by the professionals. Photographer Glenn Feron retouches beauties. Clicking on the photo and moving the mouse, it’s possible to watch what kind of work is hidden behind the glossy beauty, how bosoms, waist, bronzed skin appear and vanish. Perhaps the results are not shocking, but surely they are impressive.

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16.08.06 | 3 prides and 3-4 prejudices

Author .::. Mazoopp1940.jpgpp1995.jpgpp2005.jpg
This weekend I’ve been ill. And it’s well known, that when you’re ill, the best thing is to wrap in a muffler and drink tea with lemon, watching some tales continuously.

That’s why “Pride and prejudice” movie of 1940, which together with “Pride and prejudice” of 2005 was long waiting for its fate; and for the dessert, - the 1995 BBC “Pride and prejudice” miniseries (which I’ve watched twice already) were no more shelved.

I was initially prejudiced against the latest version as it’s more than hard to improve cinematic P&P of 1995; besides Keira Knightley, starring as the main heroine Elizabeth Bennet, didn’t impress me much in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Though, from the very beginning I thought that Keira Knightley could turn out to be rather sweet and amiable Miss Bennet. It’s only a pity that the major part of literary sword-plays between Elizabeth and Darcy, which are 90% of the movie’s charm, are absolutely minimized.

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13.08.06 | Fedor Konyukhov’s traveling philosophy

Author .::. 4zy

Fedor Konyukhov:

"I am a traveler.

I am searching for an explanation for the sense of life through my journeys.
I want to know, why man is born, grows, lives through many difficulties,
gets married, has children and then dies. The same is true for his children.

While being alone on the ocean or near Cape Horn, I have thought a lot about
all that. It is a journey that enables you to think about such things. You
can reflect on the fact that life cannot be senseless and that it must have
some deep sense.

Where can the answer be found? Can it be found on the top of Everest or on
the way to the North or South poles?

This is a brief answer to the question, why I travel and try to reach the
most difficulties and mysterious places on our planet."

I adore people, keen on smth! This quality finds different reflections in different people: some have a strange luster in their eyes, some are always tousled and never remember what day it’s today; some live out of suitcases all their lives. But these people are ever-interesting and can for hours tell about Krasnoyarskiye stolby or the history of rock-climbing development, or the principles of acoustic systems’ parameters calculations. And I do like listening to them. They are reproached with their own world they live in and something abstract they think of, but it seems to me, that they are real. Capital lettered people.

Everyone of us has his own dream, different from other’s. Mine is to visit Nepal some day…  

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03.08.06 | The best: Grim Fandango


I’ve got so much to say about Grim Fandango game that I become rather confused trying to write a brief article. It’s extremely hard to write about things you really like. And Grim Fandango is one of the best. If not the best one.

It may seem that I overpraise this game, but Grim Fandango deserves it. Like many other games it has all the constituents of the successful project, – i.e. plot, graphics, playability, sound, humor, but it also possesses a special emotional constituent, with the help of which all the components are joined into a single whole. Grim Fandango is not just a game, but a book, a movie, a story, told by means of game.

Manuel Calavera Aztecs had a legend, according to which the soul of a deceased gets to the Land of the Dead to start a four-year journey to the ninth underground world, the place of final rest of all alive. Tim Shafer used this legend as the basis of Grim Fandango plot.

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11.07.06 | Pasta with ham and mushrooms in cream sauce.


Today I suggest you a recipe of my favorite Italian cuisine. Pasta, traditional for the Italian cuisine, is used for cooking hot and cold dishes, hors-d'œuvres and even salads.

We are going to cook pasta with mushrooms and ham. We’ll need 250 g. of pasta (better of durum wheat semolina), i.e. half of the ordinary package; nearly 300 g. of fresh champignons (frozen champignons or other mushrooms of similar type may be used instead); 200 g. of ham and a small package (200 ml) of 10% or better 20% cream.

First of all start boiling pasta. While it’s getting ready, cut the mushrooms (half and half, then slice them into pieces 2-3 mm.). Fry them during 10-15 minutes; meanwhile cut the ham into long (3-4 mm.) straws (3-4 mm. thick) and add it to the mushrooms. Fry for 3-4 minutes and add cream. Fry for one more minute and turn off the gas. Add the sauce with ham and mushrooms to the prepared pasta and stir well.

Our Italian dish is ready :-)

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